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          学院 辅导的消息...
          And On 该 Minds Of 学生们 & 父母



          Research, and our experience at Hill-Murray, suggests that students look past college rankings to find the best fit for them and their college goals. This might mean looking for the right program or major, the best economic fit, the right location or even extra-curricular offerings. A 华盛顿邮报 在标题为11月14日的文章“是高校值得吗?”强调考虑价值预科当选择计划是什么适合你的学生的重要性。

          At Hill-Murray, we integrate the college counseling process into a comprehensive and developmental Guidance and Counseling 课程 starting in 9th grade, by utilizing our college matriculation system called NAVIANCE.  

          During freshman year, using NAVIANCE, students begin the process by taking a Career Interest Inventory, starting a high school Activities Resume and selecting courses to insure they are on a path toward the college of their choice or possible careers. 


          Juniors complete a personality assessment called "Do What You Are" and take part in a job shadow experience. 该n students and their parents meet with the Hill-Murray college counselor to discuss college choices and add those colleges to their list. 

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          1. 考虑提前启动进程。
          2. 狠抓年级的核心课程。 在等级核心课程:英语,数学,科学,社会研究和世界的语言是很重要的,所以要对那些密切关注,以及整体GPA。
          3. 采取预科班的行为,高考期间大三。 Hill-Murray students are encouraged to take the ACT or SAT during their junior year. And to repeat those tests again during senior year. This could help boost scores by several points and that can mean thousands of dollars in scholarships.
          4. 适用于高校在大四的开始。 如果老人自己狭隘的下拉列表,并通过11月1日完成所有的应用程序。
          5. 完成FAFSA。  Free 应用 for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) should be completed in the fall of senior year. Ms. Egan holds a FAFSA Workshop for families in October to help navigate this process, answer questions and fill out the FAFSA.
          6. 发现外面的奖学金。 家庭应该准备寻找 - 并申请在整个-outside大四奖学金。

          布伦特·约翰逊,我们的学习的主任,有共同的变化,为明年的老年人随着教师的行为过程。学生将被允许重新夺回该法的部分,然后提交给 超级得分 他们选择的大中专院校。 ESTA变化将使准备和毅力更重要的是入学过程。

          To further prepare Hill-Murray students for the ACT, four Hill-Murray staff members have become ACT Certified Teachers in 数学 and 科学. This certification has provided our staff the necessary background knowledge to best prepare our students for testing. 


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