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          Contact uS

          Address: 2625 Larpenteur Avenue East | Maplewood, MN 55109

          General Information: 651-777-1376

          Attendance Line: 651-748-2250

          Fax Number: 651-748-2444

          Admissions Information: 651-777-1376 or email: Shawn Illgen or Krissy Pohl

          Hill-Murray faculty or staff member: School Directory

          Alumni information: 651-748-2445 or email: Judy Schwartz

          Theatre events/ticket information: 651-748-2417

          Requests for Hill-Murray Transcripts: 651-748-2428 or email: Mary McPherson

          Requests for college visits: 651-748-2428 or email: Mary McPherson

          Other Important Numbers:
          The Nicholas Center: 651-748-2220
          Nurse/Health Services: 651-748-2431
          Athletic Office: 651-748-2429
          Transportation: 651-748-2409
          TADS Billing: 651-748-2413
          Financial Aid: 651-748-2439
          The Office of Student Life: 651-748-2423
          Taher Food Service: 651-748-2434
          Donald’s Uniforms: 651-776-2723

          CONTACT US

          Thank you for your interest in Hill-Murray School. Please take a moment to tell us how we can assist you.

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